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Happy Black Love Day! Today is the 26th



Since her playground days in elementary school, Focus has been speaking up for the underdog. Throughout the years, her passion for the growth and development of children and young adults compelled her to earn a degree in Early Childhood Education. With her passion, education, and experience, Focus has the ability to speak to the little girl or boy that is inside each of us. She went on to further her education by receiving a degree in Communications, Theater, Broadcast, and Journalism. This has led her to become a master of communication and enhanced her ability to hear beyond spoken words; breathing life into untold stories. 


Her latest accomplishment is receiving a certification as a transformational life coach, teacher, trainer, and speaker from the world-renowned John C. Maxwell team.  The John C. Maxwell organization is the #1 producer of leaders and coaches worldwide. Additionally, she has received a Speaker’s Certificate awarded by Inspire2speak, a program organized by master storyteller Les Brown and master motivator James Dentley. 


With her extensive training in coaching and leadership, dynamic and engaging speaking abilities, compassion, and drive, Focus will help you propel your life forward to your desired destination.  With Focus as your coach, teacher, and trainer, you will be able to have the life you love, have the ability to create the skills needed to live on your highest frequency, and build core beliefs and habits that serve your highest being,  With her dynamic curriculum, your organization will be astonished at its own abilities to achieve what you’ve been longing to do!  Let the journey begin!

Results People Are Getting:

"From Focus's coaching, I realized I was focused on 'being right' in my relationships and that was not healthy for either of us.
Also, Focus helped me to understand how layered relationships are and that there are just as many layers to healing from relationships. I am on a journey of peeling back those layers gently and graciously overtime to heal strategically in order to have the least amount of scarring, taking responsibility for my part, and crystallizing what I actually do want as I gain my self-worth. Thank you Focus for who you are!"
~ Kiara T.


 (Newly Divorced)   

 “Focus, after our introduction call...I felt like this would be a beneficial opportunity for me. You ask the tough questions that get me out of my head and stop over-analyzing.  The next day I set up a profile on a site to be a Writing Tutor to earn extra income!” 

Tiffany W. 

"Focus helped me communicate with my mate using 'expression without aggression.' She helped me see that we must be mindful of how we communicate with our mate to ensure that what is said can be received as well as understood."

Suzanne Taylor  
(Happily Married) 
Holistic Life Coach/Business Mentor

 “Hearing Focus speak and working with her at numerous conferences and her inspirational, transformational work motivated me to change the love in my life and within myself! This book will motivate and drive you to look at yourself in new and loving ways! 

(Transitioning Through a Divorce)


“The biggest thing I got from Focus was that I am Good Enough! I need to believe in myself and keep pushing forward."

Renita Wilson Gibbs  
(Happily Married) 
Author of Finding Daddy


“One of the many "Aha Moments" I’ve had with Author/Life Coach Focus James was her story about her relationship with her mother. The communication was strained and would affect her spirit. I recall Focus was looking and feeling good and she asked her mother “How do I look?” The response she was expecting, she did not get. Yet, in the midst of the negative conversation Focus was able to funnel the energy from her mother's inability to complete her pass into something positive. Now, Focus teaches on the power of completing your pass so it’s not inhibiting your present and future relationships. Focus teaches and believes that LOVE is the special sauce to create juicy relationship and now she’s being a blessing to so many people as an Author, Life Coach and Key Note Speaker by sharing her story.”

Joanne - Pennsylvania


"Because of you, my day went from feeling super not-so-motivational and feeling super creatively burnt out, to starting to feel normal again. I feel like somebody finally understands me. The wisdom you have to offer is unlike what I've heard before from my other life coaches and therapists. Thank you, so much, for your time and for instilling purpose into me tonight. I always love meeting fellow writers (who double as life coaches?!) haha. You've got a double-edged sword, there! It's really amazing."


Let's Take some time just for you. We are going to talk about what matters most to you to get the Love You Want and The Life You Love.


Started on your path to a scrumptious HEALTHY life! Lets have a quick chat


What is The Focus Of Love?

You can be happy.

You can be right. 

BUT You Can't be Both


Successful people do what unsuccessful people aren't willing to do. Focus keynote speaking results in your organization entering a higher level of clarity, driven by purpose to brilliantly  attain astonishing company goals.



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