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5 Steps To Getting a Date for Valentine's Day

Mini Workshop


Get the inside track on how to get a date for Valentine's Day without the worry of insinuating a more serious relationship.


Do you know how to position yourself to get asked for a date?  Do you know the new way to "drop your handkerchief?...Its Old school, but still will get his attention.

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Get The Repla

In the Workshop
You Will
Learn these 5 Steps 


Presented by "Focus James"
Life and Relationship Coach

  1. How to get their attention.

  2. How to let them know they are interesting.

  3. Create the connection.

  4. Turn up the vibe.

  5. Generate the ask.

What others say about
The Focus of Love Trainings


The wisdom you (Focus)  have to offer is unlike what I've heard before from my other life coaches and therapists.


Her Inspirational, transformational work motivated me to change

the love in my life. 

Renita Wilson Gibbs

Focus teaches and believes that LOVE is the special sauce to create juicy relationships.

Now, she is turning her relationship skills towards Valentine's Day, 
this day of love.
Singles, join her in this training. 
What you will learn is for Valentine's Day & for Life!
Once you learn these techniques, you can use them at every stage of your relationship.


Register for this mini training now!

This is a virtual event.  This workshop is offered twice for your convenience with time slots for men and time slots for women.


February 3d

9-10 AM Women

10:30-11:30 AM Men

Ticket Price $37

February 10th

9-10 AM Women

10: 30-11:30 AM Men

Ticket Price $37

Replay $19.97  Available Feb10th after 5pm

Register Now

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