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You want to be in a loving and fulfilling relationship, but you don't know how.

You've tried many
different things before, but nothing has worked for you.
After taking the Focus of Love class, you will learn how to have a fulfilled life that attracts love into
your life. You will learn about the importance of mindset, creating your hour of power, and setting goals for
each area of your life.

Presented by Focus James,
As seen on FOX29
Life, Love, and Relationship Coach


Multiple appearance as The Love Doctor for Good Day Philadelphia, Busy Momma, The Q Show, and Good Day Weekend

This interactive and engaging 90-minute Master Class is designed to help participants explore and understand
the key components of living a fulfilled life, particularly in the realm of love and relationships.
With a focus onpersonal growth, mindset shifting, and goal setting, this class will empower attendees to create lasting change in their lives, find love, and foster greater connection with their loved ones.

Highlights Course Components
Here's what one 
Master Class graduate accomplished
I was performing poetry when I was asked to MC an event in New Orleans. 
Several months ago I would NOT have even put myself in the position to do poetry in public. 
I would have been so nervous.  Now I am performing several times a week. 
In The Master Class, I worked through my fear of public speaking and increased my self confidence.
I have suuprised myself and done really well.
I am so grateful for Focus's course. It has helped me live a fuller life.  
Take "The Focus of Love", class and learn how to create a juicy life that attracts love into your world.
This interactive class is taught by an expert instructor who will help you get the love you long for.
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I want to join the webinar,
Sign me up!   

Limited Time Price
Only $48.97

May 1st Monday
7 PM -8:30 PM EST
To Register and Save Your Seat
Snap either QR code. Included your name in the subject.

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Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

Thanks for registering for our event.
See you there!
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