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Because you ask: "Am I wrong for wishing my husband had the same ambition as me?"

Because you ask: "Am I wrong for wishing my husband had the same ambition as me? It annoys me that I use my “free” time to study, learn, consume, and work towards my goals and he comes home, cleans, and watches TV for hours. I don’t get it. It’s so wasteful to me." 🌹As a relationship coach many people frustrate them selves by comparing themselves to their partner and set a goal to convert their partner to BE more like them. A right handed glove does not convert a left hand glove. Its a balance. Fundamentally you are telling him he is NOT good enough that he needs to be like YOU. OUCH. I am clear on why. Which still does not mean it makes it okay. Married is to take 2 clear purposeful beings on their path and create a 3rd more powerful being to service one self and the whole. Its like a 24 hour workshop. He does NOT need to be more like YOU. Its not even possible. He may discover a deeper since of clarity of his purpose to fulfill which is t h e point of enlightenment in a marriage God forbid the self sabotaging comparison & conversion🌹 its a conversation we are all born into...NEW GOAL: HONEY HOW CAN I SUPPORT YOU. HIS WAY NOT ANOTHER VERSION OF WHAT YOU WANT. Create a safe place for him to answer NOT an expectation. YOU MAYBE SURPRISE OF HIS ANSWER AND BE AT PEACE FYI A GENT said: "Perhaps, His ambitious is to support her/ take care of the house."

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