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Relationship Wealth:

Passing on Juicy Love

Relationship wealth refers to the passing down of good relationship skills through generations.

When parents model healthy communication, empathy, and conflict resolution, their children are more likely to internalize these skills and apply them in their own relationships as adults.


This transmission of relational wisdom can lead to more fulfilling and stable relationships in adulthood, as individuals have a strong foundation built on understanding, respect, and effective communication.

Loving Couple

In Contrast...

In contrast passing down physical wealth involves the inheritance of tangible assets like money, property, or possessions.


While inheriting physical wealth can provide financial security and opportunities, it does not guarantee happiness or success in relationships.


Without the accompanying skills to manage relationships effectively, individuals inheriting only physical wealth may struggle with interpersonal dynamics, potentially leading to strained relationships and unhappiness despite their financial status.


Thus, while passing down physical wealth can offer advantages, passing down relationship wealth may be equally, if not more, valuable in ensuring overall well-being and fulfillment in life.

In the Workshop
You Will
      Learn these 5 Steps 


Presented by "Focus James"
Life and Relationship Coach

  1. How  to Model Healthy Relationship Behaviors

  2. How to Engage in Open Communication

  3. How to Teach Empathy

  4. How to Set Relationship Boundaries

  5. How to Provide Support

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"Focus, You ask the tough questions that get me out of my head and stop over analyzing."

Tiffany W.

"Focus helped me communicate with my mate using expression without aggression."


"The biggest thing I got from Focus was that I am Good Enough!  I need to believe in myself..."

Join Focus for another workshop that will guide you to
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